How Will The New Mortgage Rules Affect You?

Are you thinking about buying a home this year? Are you a first time home buyer? Are you a Canadian homeowner?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, there is some important information you need to know about mortgages. As of January 1st, 2018, the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) implemented three new mortgage rules which are going to affect home buyers. Here are the three mortgage rule changes that you need to know about: [Read more…] about How Will The New Mortgage Rules Affect You?

Fall 2017 – Home Decorating Trends

Fall 2017 – Decorating Trends

As the Fall season has quickly approached you may be thinking it’s time to make some changes to your home in the decorating department. With a new season comes new design trends including new textures, new colours and new materials used throughout the home. Here are the top picks for decorating trends this fall.


This texture is once again becoming a favourite in home interior and design. Velvet offers texture to any room especially when it is combined with rough, and natural materials such as reclaimed wood, metals and ceramics. This texture is being used in a variety of ways through décor such as through furniture, cushions or a throw.


Soapstone has recently become a lot more popular in the kitchen and bathroom. This type of material works great in these rooms especially for countertops due to its versatility, low cost and durability. Some people prefer it to materials such as marble because soapstone is less expensive and WAY more durable.

Woven Textures

Trying to make any room in your home dynamic and dramatic can be rather difficult. One easy way to accomplish this is through textures. A new trend is adding woven textures into any room of your home. This texture works well especially in the cooler months because of it’s warmth to the room. Woven textures can be combined with velvet and woolly throws to get that dramatic feel.


The new hot colour for fall is blush pink. This colour works well with a multitude of colours and contrasts well with natural materials such as stone and wood. This colour can be used as an accent colour which can be carried throughout your home or just was primarily in one room.

Terra Cotta Tile

Terra Cotta is making a comeback in the design work. The warmth and character of this colour is catching the eye of many individuals making it more and more popular within homes. These tiles are durable and have the iconic look which adds the charm that many are looking for within their home design.

Dark Wall Colours

Now the trend is for the wall colours to make a bold statement instead of blending into the background. Some of these bold and dramatic colours include blacks, deep blues, dark browns. By having a dark wall you can contrast and add bright and vibrant colours through accessories to create a great contrast.

A Harvest of Memories – Caledon in October

Caledon in October

Fall has officially arrived and it’s time to get out and enjoy this gorgeous weather before it becomes cold and gloomy. What better way to enjoy fall than going apple picking and visiting a pumpkin patch. There are a variety of apple orchards and pumpkin patches within the Caledon area. Here is a list of some of the most popular orchards and patches which have various activities to enjoy while going apple picking and pumpkin picking.

Downey’s Farm

This farm has been owned and operated by the Downey family since 1920. Originally it began as a roadside corn stand which the Downey children used the money to buy their additional hockey equipment. Since then it has been renovated to a farmer’s market and even an award-winning winery.

There is a lot to see and do at Downey’s Farm this time of year. Starting September 23 and running until October 31st, enjoy Downey’s Farm annual Pumpkin Fest. There is a multitude of activities for everyone in the family to enjoy including unlimited wagon rides, farm animals, puppet shows, A-MAZE-ING 8 acre corn maze, duck races, inflatables, face painting and much more. Also one of the biggest attractions to this fest…the pumpkins. With thousands of pumpkins at the farm, there is sure to be on there that is perfect for you. When you are attending the Pumpkin Fest, be sure to visit Downey’s Strawberry & Apple Farm which is right across the street. This farm is actually owned and operated by the Downey family as well. Here you can find 13 popular varieties of apples for you and your family to enjoy including McIntosh, Cortland, Gala, Honeycrisp, Empire, Ambrosia, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Mutsu, Northern Spy, Red Delicious and Red Fuji. The apple picking season is currently open and will remain open until early November.

Albion Orchards

Albion Orchards was established in 1967 and is located in Caledon. It is listed on the food network and Chatelaine Magazine as one of the top four. The most famous apples to pick are Paula Reds which can be picked in the orchard or purchased in the country market.

Enjoy the fall colours along with the fall flavours when you visit Albion Orchards with the farm fresh produce and beautiful apple orchard. There are several varieties of apples available for picking during this time of year. Make lots of family memories going apple picking. Along with apple picking at Albion Orchards, enjoy the pumpkin patch which is open to the public beginning in October. There are hundreds of pumpkins to choose from in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Dixie Orchards

This apple farm is a family owned and operated farm in southern Caledon. You can enjoy apple picking with the family from early September until the end of October. Some activities you can participate include: country bakery, pick your own pumpkin, meet and greet with farm animals, corn maze and straw jump and you can’t forget wagon rides through the orchards. Also, visit the market to see what it has to offer. Some of their specialty items include freshly baked pies, butter tarts, pure maple syrup, decorations, and honey. If you decide to go apple picking with your loved ones there are a few things you should remember to ensure that you don’t damage the fruit. You want to gently twist the apple and continuously turn it until

it detaches from the tree itself. Try your best not to take any part of the tree with it. Especially don’t pull the apple off the tree as it tends to damage the tree along with the remaining fruit on it. With this beautiful fall weather arriving make sure to go outside and enjoy it before it is gone. Apple orchards and pumpkin patches are great places to take your kids and get them outside while still participating in fun festive activities. Comment below and let us know what you like to do outdoors in the fall.

Factors to Consider When Preparing to Downsize

Preparing to Downsize

Have all or most of your kids have moved out the house and retirement is potentially in your near future, so the possibility of downsizing has come into question? When kids leave the nest, for some, downsizing just seems like the natural thing to do as the abundance of space is not a necessity anymore. Although downsizing may not always be as a good thing it can be because it allows you to pay less for your home, have fewer rooms to clean each day. This means you have more time to do things your love such as golfing, shopping, or painting. Here is a list of factors you should consider when you’re preparing to downsize your home.

1. Money Matters – It is common that a good majority of your money is tied up in a particular property. When buying a home it is probably the largest transaction you make in your life. By selling your current home and downsizing it allows you to free up some finances to make enjoying life a little easier. The money that is currently being tied up in your home can be used for that Carribean cruise you always wanted to go on.

2. Identity Crisis – For many downsizing is getting a property that has lesser value than their current home is extremely difficult. For many people, their home is something they are extremely proud of and it is difficult to see how they can be as equally as proud of a home that is smaller in value. However, it doesn’t matter how much your home is worth, it’s about what you do with the home that makes it special.

3. Clean Break – When downsizing it means that you are going to have fewer rooms to sweep, vacuum, mop, scrub, dust, re-arrange, paint and fix multiple times a day. The relief of having to do the housework and home maintenance in itself can be motivation enough to move. The other thing is you will in return have a lot of free time to do what you please.

4. Be Our Guest – Entertaining friends and family regularly is important to many people. When downsizing many people become worried that they are not going to have the space to entertain and allow people to stay over frequently due to lack of space. However, this is not the case in downsizing. You just have to be smart by having space saving furniture such as a Murphy bed or using one room for multiple purposes. This will allow you to feel comfortable in a smaller home but still suit all of your entertaining needs.

5. Demand and Supply – You have to decide what size to downsize is right for you. For some, it may be good and okay for them to go from a 4 bedroom detached home to a 1 bedroom condo in a busy city. For others, they may downsize to a 3 bedroom semi-detached home. There is no wrong way to downsize your home. Sometimes people look outside of their current neighbourhood in order to get more bang for their buck. Regardless you have to do what is right for you. Most importantly, you don’t want to rush this process.

You want to make sure that you take your time and truly decide what is the best option for you mentally, emotionally, and financially. You will know when it is the right time for you to downsize.

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