Alessia Petucco-Barranca: Sales Representative

After completing her Bachelors of Arts degree with a focus in psychology from the University of Guelph, Alessia felt that she was meant to touch people’s lives. Working in real estate felt like the perfect place to do this as Alessia could be the person who could help someone find their dream home where they are going to raise a family and build their lives. She soon began her journey to obtain her real estate license and later work with the Paula Mitchell Group.

Since working with the team Alessia has been learning the administrative side of the business along with learning from the other sales representatives on the Paula Mitchell Group. She wanted to learn all aspects of the business in order to be able to efficiently assist her clients through the process of purchasing a home. Alessia has a drive for knowledge. She loves to continuously learn new skills and knowledge of the industry.

Alessia is recently married and her husband and her love to travel and explore new places within the world. When she isn’t traveling, Alessia is spending time with her family and baking. Her caring and supportive nature make her a great addition to the Paula Mitchell Group. Alessia also loves cuddling at home with a great book or movie with a warm cup of tea!