Maureen Edited

Commitment has always been second nature to Maureen; she finds it easier to be dedicated than to give up. She developed a strong sense of home and family while raising her two children and maintaining her lifelong friendships. Working in real estate with Paula, her best friend since high school, has fit in well with her personal philosophy of forming strong, lasting bonds with other people. When Maureen was working in sales, Paula asked her to get involved in the business. Trusting her, she joined and almost instantly knew she had made the right move. Realizing she could work alongside a trusted friend and help people with the largest purchase of their life while keeping their best interests in mind sealed the deal for her.

She loves working with all different kinds of people and learning new things from them. She prioritizes hard work, authenticity and patience, and tends not to dwell on negativity; it’s always better to see the positive side. In her free time, she loves relaxing with her family and taking care of them and herself, doing the best for their health so they can enjoy life to the fullest. With twenty years of experience, Maureen is new to her neighborhood, but not to real estate, and with her new home in Toronto, she’s looking forward to living and working in her community, committed to her established connections and eager to forge new ones.