Tonya edited

It’s always exciting to learn something you’ve always wanted to, and now with her gained experience from years in the real estate business Tonya hasn’t stopped feeling that way. She is grateful that she has a team of such passionate and trustworthy individuals. Tonya loves that they hold her accountable for her work, push her to succeed and give her something to aspire to be. Being responsible for herself and remaining in control of her career is important, as well as being able to interact with real people and see new perspectives.

As someone who is married and a mom to twin boys, Tonya is excited to work with people who are looking for their dream homes and prepared to start a family. As a serious people person, gaining new clients and helping them to the fullest degree is something she loves doing. Watching people feel positive, hopeful and excited about their futures makes me feel the same. Even when not working she remains active and social, playing volleyball and softball. Seeking out new restaurants, cooking and trying new types of food with friends and family is something she can’t get enough of.